Why Use Equipment Finance Instead of Cash

Using finance over cash, for Doctors & Dentists.


Investing in the latest technology for your dental or medical practice can bring obvious benefits:

• Being able to offer your patients the latest and best treatment options
• Attracting new patients
• Growing your business and increasing profit

Opting for finance allows small businesses to acquire new equipment without making a large cash outlay.

Protect your Cash Flow

When considering your business’s performance, cash flow is as important as profit. A healthy cash flow goes hand in hand with a successful business. A negative cash flow means difficultly with covering your expenses and keeping the business afloat.

In fact, cash flow can make or break a business.

For this reason, finding a large cash sum to buy new medical or dental equipment can be a daunting prospect.  Using finance, whether it’s hire purchase or a loan allows you the security of:

• leaving your cash in the business
• while simultaneously investing in the latest medical or dental equipment

Stay Competitive and Generate New Income

Growing your business by acquiring the newest, latest technology and upgrades is essential in a competitive market. Investing in new equipment by using finance is a way of:

• attracting new patients
• increasing profits

without making a dent in that all important cash flow.

Spread the Cost

Spreading the cost of new equipment or a practice refurbishment means you can pay in instalments, typically over 3 to 7 years.
For example, hire purchase offers a simple solution for spreading the capital cost of new or used equipment over a period of time and at the end of the agreement title automatically passes for a nominal fee.

Reduce Your Tax Bill

Buying new equipment is a tax deductible cost and so can help significantly reduce your tax bill.
Whether you operate as a sole trader, a limited company or a partnership, the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) enables businesses to deduct the full cost of assets from their taxable profits.

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